Visa Support Page (3-month plan)

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This plan includes:
  • Visa Support Page (requires respective data from your side so we could embed it into your sisa support page).
  • Online Form that collects clients data when a request for an Invitation is submitted (requirements of the Consulate Department of your county needed to define necessary data types for smooth visa application).
  • Invitation Letter (you provide us a *.docx file that has a text template in your native language and letterhead of your organization, we add the code to mail merge data from the form).
  • Links bar with other online resources related to the event (requires respective URL addresses).
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Recurring tasks in the preparation for international sports events eats away most of the time. One of the responsibilities of organisers is assistance to the participants and other client groups with visa support. To apply for an entry visa foreign citizens need an Invitation Letter. When it is carried out by using regular email correspondence the manager gets a massive amount of messages going back and forth to get appropriate data from each applicant and then manually enter it into the Invitation Letters Template for the following submission. To save the time of your personnel we suggest to automate this workflow.

Our three-month plan equips you with an online tool which automatically issues the Invitation Letters every time the client submits the data through a dedicated web-page. We can set the service up with the level of control you consider sufficient:

  • The page is open to everyone and the procedure is fully automated so you do not need to control the issue of the invitations at all. However, anyone who knows the link of the page can get your Invitation.
  • Your Visa Support Page is password protected so you need to initially send access credentials only to those who are allowed to use your visa support. All the rest is fully automated as in the previous point.
  • You get all the autogenerated invitations into your mailbox and then forward fully ready files for the submission to the responsible person only if you see that the applicant is valid to get your Invite.

In any case, all the data submitted by the clients through the form is encrypted and the Invitation Letters are automatically generated based on the template you provide to us. You can get them directly to the mailbox you specify as well as view/edit links for the data submitted. In case a client doesn’t have all the necessary data at the moment of filling in the form he/she can save the progress and then resume the process when the missing information becomes available.

This is a perfect solution to make the things simple and speed up the procedure of the visa support service for your sports events. Our Time-Saver Plan includes 10 days trial period to set your visa support page up and test it before you really start paying for the service.

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