Event Page (6-month plan)

510.00 510.00

This plan includes the following items:
  • Set up of the email marketing tool (you also get links to self-study video materials on how to prepare the email templates and automate your campaigns).
  •  Home page of the event with a basic description and subscription form to a newsletter (requires respective data from your side to be embedded into the page by us).
  • Visa Support Page (requires respective data from your side to be embedded into the page by us).
  • Online Form that generates Invitation Letters at clients data submission (requirements set by the Consulate Department of your county for successful visa application procedure needed).
  • PDF Form developed by us to mail merge the data submitted through the web form (requires an invitation letter text draft and blank letterhead of your organization).
  • Links bar of online resources related to the event (requires respective URL addresses).
  • Sponsors bar (requires vector logos in *. SVG or *.EPS file format and URLs of their websites).


Comparing to the HR Relief (3-month) basic plan for visa support this package has a very important addition – email marketing tool build-in into your sports event support page. It is a common practice that organisers start actively provide visa support approximately 3 months before the start of the event. So the first three months of the subscription plan we dedicate to the collection of contacts of those site visitors, who have interest in your event. It is also sufficient period of time to plan and prepare good looking email templates as well as visa support page without any hurry.

That means that now you can start be using professional mailing system to inform the subscribers about your key milestones and notices like launch of the Visa Support Page, publication of the Competition Official Announcement, friendly reminders about deadlines for Preliminary and Final Entry, general information and guidelines upon arrival to the hosting city (meeting and pick up at the airport or railroad station, accommodation, available training times) etc. Email clients can be too difficult when you manage your correspondence flow to the clients who stepped in into the process on different stages or missed some of your emails. We suggest using contemporary email marketing services to make your mailing workflow more robust, simple and professional. And even automate your notifications when possible.

Proper deployment of the mailing system has a positive impact on the first impression about the organisation of the event. It is important for the participants and guests start to feel your hospitality and care well before they arrive at the event.We also strongly suggest you invest some time and affords into the promotion of your Event Support Page through other internet and marketing channels like your national federation website, your partner’s sites and different kind of online media and social media resources. That activity starts to build up your event’s image more rapidly, helps to bring more traffic and as a result allows to gain better positions in the search engines.

Automation of the visa support workflow allows you to scale the service beyond the key client groups to different kind of guests and maybe even foreign spectators. This is a good opportunity to increase awareness about your event, raise the bar for the level of client satisfaction and generate better spectators attendance during the competitions.

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